Hershkop & Shomrim Complain…

DOT removes fire hydrant from scooters official parking spot.



A reader after reading this mornings post on the scooters parked by the pump, he took this pic and emailed it to us.

apparently back in a day the scooters were getting ticketed at this pump so Shomrim made a complaint stating they needed the spot for a scooter and didn’t want any tickets, so the city removed it as you can see above, to eliminate the need to ticket them.


2 responses to “Hershkop & Shomrim Complain…

  • Go Shomrim Go!

    Shomrim should get the fence build in middle of Eastern Parkway 😉

  • Anonymous

    Idiots! this just shows how gulible people are and how they will believe anything
    There never was a hydrant in that spot, it’s right on Kingston near Crown Street and there are meters there, not a fire hydrant!!

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