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Shmais uses oneBIGcholents photo

no more then a few hours after we posted this photo that I took on my blackberry does post it up on his site. Levi S who no longer is living in CH seems to be using cholent for inside scoops and photos.

I guess he gets credit for giving us photo credit.


Pic of the day

CHI and Shmais turn over their banners for purim

Shmais is all out onto Bogmilsky

Shmais the only chabad site that can be advertised and seen by the entire world with out being worried about what people will see endorses Rabbi Bogomilsky

As Shabbos approaches the CholentPot is stirred

Collive is under tremendous pressure to remove its ad on a figure who is ONLY endorsed by political hacks and individuals out to make trouble.

While shmais stands up for whats right Collive has a choice.

Back down and remove the Ad and LOOK STUPID.

Or Stir up the pot.

It chose to stir things up, gives out a OPED by “Yossi” demanding to have the position becomes temporary and it links you to sign a petition towards making this happen.

This is a totally fair ellections, with plenty time for candidates to come fwd and its the point of no return.

Why is it that you are scarred, BC the minority big mouths are making noise?

We know who these people are, each have their past which they cant really hide and now its time for us the comunity to deside, do we want the guy who is endorsed by the machlokes men of crown heights.

do we want the guy who is seen shopping and collive calles “THE ANONYMOUS ROV

or do we want the guy who is endorced by BOTH Rabonim.

Shmais BASHES Broin!

“What does he have to hide”

Wow finally, Shmais who wasknown back in a day to say what he likes… finally lets out his wrath on Broin.

Cholent emailed shmais for comment and he replied..

“Its simple, I have principals and I stick by them”

When we asked shmais aka levi chodikov for comment on collives banner ad for broin he refused to comment.

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