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When Crazy (PETA) Meet Crazier (Meshichistim)

Bored PETA Activists Busy Themselves In Crown Heights with MeshichistimThese animal rights loonies do NOT go to Boro-Park, nor do they go to Williamsburg to protest against Kaporos, they do however come to Crown Heights, why is that, why do they feel that they are welcomed to Crown Heights?

They come to Crown Heights because in Crown Heights they get the attention they want and they don’t have to work hard to get it.

Unfortunately there are many bored guest walking around like chickens without heads looking for something, anything,  to do. These bored guest are from the Meshichist camp. It’s like when crazy meets crazier.

When observing (while doing Kaporos) the Meshichistim loonies “debating” with the PETA loonies,  I truly don’t know who the bigger idiots are.

When I asked one Meshichist to stop arguing with the PETA people and to step away, he started to curse at me. I guess I must have ruined his day. Here he is, feeling so smart and useful, arguing with  fellow idiots, until I come along and point out that he looks like an idiot arguing with idiots.




No Recognized Certificate Of Ordination?


Welcome to the Crown Heights Braun “Beth Din”.


Attention: Mendel Hendel is Full of Happiness and Gladness


Quote of the day:

“Seeing those who claimed that there is no need to spend Tishrei in 770, taking action and organizing activities and Shiurim and trying to emulate Hachnosas Orchim, is a reason for happiness and gladness” say the organizers at Eshel.

You don’t write an article with a headline like this,  ‘Eshel To Provide For Thousands of Men & Women, Boys & Girls’ (9/16/14),

Unless you are nervous and responding about headlines like this,

Girls Being Welcomed For ‘Tishrei’ (9/14/14)

Vaad Expands Tishrei Programming to Female Guests (9/15/14)

Flashback: How Eshel Transports it’s girls

The Eshel way

The Eshel way

What About the Bus Drivers?

Oholei TorahThis article fails to mention the NEW non-Jewish bus drivers, driving Oholei Torah buses.

Why are there  non-Jewish bus drivers. what happened to the Jewish ones, why did they leave and why can’t OT find new JEWISH drivers?

Shame on you OT Vaad for allowing this to happen!!!

OT Bochrim Have More Demands

1395Regarding: Students Take Protest Against Teacher’s Firing Public and ABOUT FACE: Oholei Torah Reinstates ‘Fired’ Teachers

Seeing how successful their URGENT call for their mashpia flier campaign works, the Bochrim have taken once for to the street with more demands…


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