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Yes WE Can…Call 311

crown heights shmira mesira-logo-chsp-copleib skoblo-yes we can-shmira mesira-crown heights-chsp-copyitzchak shuchat-shmira-mesira-crown heights-chsp-cop

If your heart is full of baseless hate against another and you want to do something about it, you’ve called the right number.

Call call the Crown Heights Shmira/CHSP/COP at (718)-221-0303 (24/7) and we will forward your complaint to 311….Because, YES WE CAN!!!



Hachayol Agrees To Ceasefire

Regarding: Chabad Yeshivas Agree to a Ceasefire R”L

Hachayol weekly ceasefireUntitled555There are 52 weeks in a year.

When needed the must, Hachayol weekly retreats to summer vacation [?]

The march to the final redemption will commence after labor day -September 1st 2014 (Vov Elul 5774).

I Would Like To Study….

call of the shofer-קול השופר
…Does anyone know a good Mashpia who can give me the tools to study this?

Paying the Price for “Achdus”

Achdus is a very wanted thing. This was shown last Monday night – Gimmel Tammuz – when thousands came in the powering rain to unite with the video of Achdus and Moshiach.

Please show your support to strengthen Achdus and belief in Moshiach in our community by donating to this program, that cost thousands of dollars.

Click Here to donate, or call: 917-714-9548.

Realty check: Now those who organized this gimmick called “achdus hour” will see some real Achdus, when all those that participated in the event will come running to make donations. As long as it was free, they came. Now that you asking for money, go find your Achdus.

1) Why $15,000?

2) Whose collecting the money? Who organized this?

Upon doing a google search on the number provided above 917-714-9548, I found the following page…

Mendy Grabski

Meshichist Mendy Grabski-


Disgusting: Using the Rebbes Holy Face as an Advertisement

Achdus Farby2

Would you be disgusted had the above T-shirt and balloon been real?

If your a Chabad Chossid (not a Meshichisti) who loves the Rebbe zt”l you would be greatly disgusted and outraged.

You would then be equally  disgusted and outraged by….


20130607_132319And it goes without saying that it would hurt you when you see…

This…20130607_131923 (Large)

Why must the Rebbe’s holy face be used as an advertisement? Does not every Chabad Chossid have a photo (actually many many photos) of the Rebbe in home (walled, phone, car etc…), why the need to disrespect the Rebbe this way?

Whose going to collect all these signs to make sure the Rebbe’s face does not get disrespected like in the photo above?

Those who organized this so called “Achdus Farby” might as well have t-shirts, balloons and don’t forget the yellow flags…

000 flag copyIn General it’s time people, organizations and schools to stop using the Rebbe’s photo on posters, advertizements, letters, arts and crafts etc… We all know how the Rebbe’s face looks like.

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