Mesira, Propaganda and Hate

Three days ago, 1bigcholent received the following e-mail and images…

check out these pics of shomrim crimes. scooters parked nears fire pumps and doubled parked.  we must send this to the city so they should stop this illegal activity at once. i already sent this to the mayors office with a long letter. if everybody does it it will put enough pressure on the department and they will be forced to stop this.

Notice: what is wrong with this picture?

Notice: what is wrong with this picture?

The email address was: anyone recognize this email, please inform us here at 1bigcholent.

These acts of Messira are low, disgusting and not the Jewish way. Everybody suffers from Messira, we must all fight as one against any Messira!


3 responses to “Mesira, Propaganda and Hate

  • Anonymous

    the funny thing is it’s a very bad photoshop cause there isn’t a pump on kingston outside those stores and when he pasted in the second scooter he’s caused a bit of an accident with the backs of both scooters

  • Cillull Hashem

    if the above was indeed sent out then its a major chillul hashem ,yiddin doing mesira on other yidden is a disgrace.

    the trial of 7 jews (i think) testifying against 6 other jews was the lowest of the low.
    how the people who orchestrated thats blood libel and failed wont let it go and continue with more hate and mesira is beyond me, maybe someone can explain this to me.

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