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No Recognized Certificate Of Ordination?


Welcome to the Crown Heights Braun “Beth Din”.



Hamas Better Watch Out

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Malchus meat

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Psak From CH Rabonim

The Beth Din of Crown Heights gave out a Psak stating:

1. Chanina Sperlin was obligated to say Tefilas Haderech while turning around the beam (video above).

2. The Bochrim that throw the eggs andketchop on Mendel Hendel were עובר on בל תשחית


Wheres the Main Man Braun?

ok kosherRead More: Kosher Supervisors Hold Conference

Where was OK Koshers main man “Rabbi” Yossi Braun? Why wasn’t he invited to speak at this event? Was he not endorsed by Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of OK Kosher?

Yosef Yeshaya Braun-Rabbi Don Yoel Levy-ok kosher-

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