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Definition: Spin

chabadinfoDefinition of:

spin  (spn)
7. To provide an interpretation of (a statement or event, for example), especially in a way meant to sway public opinion: “a messenger who spins bogus research into a vile theology of hatred” (William A. Henry III).

3. A state of mental confusion.
10. Informal the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favorable impression.

Example of Spin: Judge Confirms Beis Din’s Ruling

For the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.


Comments of The Day:

Regarding: Donors Thwart Drizin’s Attempt to Manipulate Guests

What a coincidence that after a 12 hours of this article going up, do we all of a sudden have comments (after comment- all the same theme) in support (justifying and excusing) Drizin actions.

Did Drizin send people to write comments?


 Wow, oh wow! It seems all the Braun-nosers all came crawling out of the woodwork in support of SBD as if we was just crowed the King Moshiach himself!

First, to those criticizing CHI you are all forgetting something fairly elementary… Do you know where King SBD announced that he will not be giving his money to those that go to the Ohel? Yes, on MHM [Mendel Hendels] and Brauns mouthpiece website. So why is this so shocking that CHI would come out and set the record straight and let everyone know that King SBD is trying to use his money to influence the opinion of the visiting guests?

Maybe it is because no one reads the other trash and when CHI comes out and lets EVERYONE know it gets the MHM supports scared and into a PANIC!

It seems that calling King SBD out for the first time has provoked a new reaction from people, look “he gave me money, so he is a saint” I understand your need to defend him, but remember, he is now picking and choosing that out of those he ALREADY supported – that he would only support those the MHM tells him. Even though he is just like you and needs the help.

It really isnt King SBD’s fault that Shagalov, Chein, Levin, Sandhause and Co. all sit around him and push their agendas on him. He is simply an impressionable old man who is being manipulated – and that is sad. He should not let himself be used.

SBD it is still the Aseres Yemei Teshuva, it is time for you to get over your hate of Merkos and all things connected to it and ‘return to the fold’ of Kalal Yisroel! It is not too late!

Good Reason For Hendel Panic Attack


A Tale Of A Missing Tale

A tale of missing tales: How COLLIVE undermines a search and rescue by being stupid and irresponsible.

1BigCholent present all three versions of the missing French twin as published on COLLIVE.

Version 1:

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Maple Shul Machlokes: Whats It Really All About?

From a comment on CHI

Ahavas Moshe, aka The Maple Street Shul.

Red Herrings wrote:

Here’s how the whole affair started:

The entire machlokes started with herring: when some members (or ex/former-members) wanted a piece of kichel and herring during davening. They were starving and the chazzon was taking too long! When they asked nicely, “management” refused to allow them to sate their hunger pangs and forced to wait till after davening for the kiddush and the piece of herring.

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