Who posted it first?

While their are conflicting reports on what time it went off, this is the order and times the news was posted.

Shmais (winner) 11:22 see screen shot (he heard it all the way in FL)

CrownHeights.info 11:29 see screen shot

Collive 11:42 dodocumented via refreshing and noting the time. (we will post more about collive lack of time stamping.. stay tuned)

Chabad.info… didnt post anything yet! apparently they are setting up 770 to great moshiach, see screen shots below from 770 live.

note: updated

note time of post on bottom of article

Note: the photo of the collive sign!@#@$ I guess thats a siren...wutever

The following is what happened in 770 from 11:42PM till 12:04AM (these guys prepare for Moshiach fast) clips taken from 770live cameras. (hover mouse over photo for time)


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