‘Only Major Developments’

Collive published yesterday with regards to not getting any inside info on the rabonim case, and there fore not posting on the matter.

This statement in other words “we suck and don’t know how to obtain inside scoops, so let’s make it a “spiritual excuse” what they just did to themselves is kill their own chance at breaking a future “exclusive” unless its a “major development”

This reminds me of
Back in a day, chabadinfo posted how thay are the only site that is listening to the rabonim by not posting comments, yet this was only to save face over their lack of comments.

See we can call chabadinfo on every comment especially political ones that gets approved yet we know they don’t have a face for us to do it on so its meaningless.

In this case its different. Collive has a face, and a large one that is. The publisher after its chabad.org bash said that she takes full responsibility on the posts that go up.

You just wait to see what happens when the next time collive posts about this story when its something not “a major development”


One response to “‘Only Major Developments’

  • Too Much

    You give them way too much credit, if they actually have a scoop, they will break it so fast their site would go down.
    What I liked best about that line was that they suddenly grew a mashpia because they have an agenda. Apparently their mashpia has no other standard.

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