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Agenda behind “Picture of The Day”

Regarding: Picture of The Day ● Kugel Bar Mitzvah

Is it really a “Picture of the day” to see Philanthropist Sholom Ber Drizin celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of his grandson  in 770-Beis Chayeinu?

No, not at all.

So what is it all about, why post such a photo a call in “the picture of the day?

The Reason…


Psak From CH Rabonim

The Beth Din of Crown Heights gave out a Psak stating:

1. Chanina Sperlin was obligated to say Tefilas Haderech while turning around the beam (video above).

2. The Bochrim that throw the eggs andketchop on Mendel Hendel were עובר on בל תשחית


I Would Like To Study….

call of the shofer-קול השופר
…Does anyone know a good Mashpia who can give me the tools to study this?

OT Bochrim Have More Demands

1395Regarding: Students Take Protest Against Teacher’s Firing Public and ABOUT FACE: Oholei Torah Reinstates ‘Fired’ Teachers

Seeing how successful their URGENT call for their mashpia flier campaign works, the Bochrim have taken once for to the street with more demands…


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