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A Real Open Letter To Eshel – Hachnosas Orchim

The following is NOT an original 1bigcholent production. Yes, the following article looks like a sarcastic article written by 1bigcholent, but I kid you not, it is a real article posted on a meshichist web-site and written by a Meshichist named Gershon Avtzon, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati: – Hachnosas Orchim

By Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati:

Dear leaders of “Eishel – Hachnasas Orchim” and “Beis Midrash Lenashim”

I am writing this letter of Chizzuk to you because I know how I would feel of I was in your “shoes” right now.

I am sure that inside some of you are feeling disappointed and even angry at some of the current events. You – like the rest of Lubavitch – have seen the notices posted all over crown heights, Israel and the internet that there are new organizations that will be “taking care” of the Ruchnius and Gashmius of the guests – boys and girls – this coming Tishrei.

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Attention: Mendel Hendel is Full of Happiness and Gladness


Quote of the day:

“Seeing those who claimed that there is no need to spend Tishrei in 770, taking action and organizing activities and Shiurim and trying to emulate Hachnosas Orchim, is a reason for happiness and gladness” say the organizers at Eshel.

You don’t write an article with a headline like this,  ‘Eshel To Provide For Thousands of Men & Women, Boys & Girls’ (9/16/14),

Unless you are nervous and responding about headlines like this,

Girls Being Welcomed For ‘Tishrei’ (9/14/14)

Vaad Expands Tishrei Programming to Female Guests (9/15/14)

Flashback: How Eshel Transports it’s girls

The Eshel way

The Eshel way

What About the Bus Drivers?

Oholei TorahThis article fails to mention the NEW non-Jewish bus drivers, driving Oholei Torah buses.

Why are there  non-Jewish bus drivers. what happened to the Jewish ones, why did they leave and why can’t OT find new JEWISH drivers?

Shame on you OT Vaad for allowing this to happen!!!

Yes WE Can…Call 311

crown heights shmira mesira-logo-chsp-copleib skoblo-yes we can-shmira mesira-crown heights-chsp-copyitzchak shuchat-shmira-mesira-crown heights-chsp-cop

If your heart is full of baseless hate against another and you want to do something about it, you’ve called the right number.

Call call the Crown Heights Shmira/CHSP/COP at (718)-221-0303 (24/7) and we will forward your complaint to 311….Because, YES WE CAN!!!


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