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Have you been double checking that your on the right web-site, when browsing COLLIVE.COM, because it seems that maybe you somehow clicked on the meshichist web-site

Whats Do I mean?

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A Court Case Without A Didan Notzach?

1Even when they lose the Meshichistim always have a “Didan Notzach” (Victory)….

Why no Didan Notzach for THIS court case?

Before and After of a Killer

Yesterday I read the news report of Daniel Maoz who was found guilty of murdering his parents R”L.

Reading about this for the first time, I was curios  as to who this murderer is or was, especially considering the fact that he has a full beard and looks like an orthodox Jew, one can even suggest a full fledged Chossid.   So I goggled his name and found the following results

Surprise surprise, when he was arrested he wasn’t even religious.

I wanted to to a before and after post but got lazy.

When I woke this morning and browsed the internet, I found that there are lot’s of others who were thinking the same thing.


Oops, wrong photo

What Do All The Jewish Star Judges Have In Common?

They all touch their beards.

They all touch their beards.

Presenting Jewish Star 2013

Exit Question: Wasn’t Jewish Star part of the Soul to Soul concert? What happened that there was a brake away? Who was using who?

They are the 45 percent


Gallup’s Daily Tracking Poll today shows Romney leading among likely voters 51-45% and 48%-46% among registered voters.

I wonder whether the people in this video are part of the 51% or the 45%.

I’m guessing the 45%.

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