No Common Language!!! ● FACT!!!!

Desperate Meshichist looking to have something in common with Chabad Lubavitch (in-order to have some actual relevance).

meshichistim mosrimNo we don’t have any Common Language with Meshichistim Mossrim!!!! Who recently, only four years ago, participated in a blood libel against six innocent Jews by falsely testifying against them in a court of law.

No we don’t have any Common Language with Meshichistim Mossrim who engage in acts of violence against innocent Jews!!!

No we don’t have any Common Language with Meshichistim Mossrim who make a mockery of our Rebbe zt”l on a daily basis!!!

No we have no interest in finding any “Common Language”, because the fact is; the realty is; the truth is; we simply don’t!!!

We are not going to even try.

The time to talk and try to convince (find “Common Language”) with Meshichistim Mossrim thugs, is over and in fact should have never ever taken place. Now what is left is only to DEFEAT and DESTROY those Meshichist Mossrim who have done everything in their power to defeat and destroy us!!!

Hay wait, I think we might have found our Common Language.


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3 responses to “No Common Language!!! ● FACT!!!!

  • mesirah and court

    The meshichist mossrim spent six weeks in court attempting to explain their common language.

    The meshichistim also initiate all these lawsuits against Chabad because this way, by way of written motions to the court, the force Chabad to listen to their point of view.

  • Toshav

    Maybe Chanina Sperlin can arrange a meeting in ULY Crown St. with all Meshichist and “Anti” leaders to discuss “Common Language”, like he did for the black community leaders?

    • 1bigpotatohead

      The blacks he will talk to in ULY with breakfast , but the so called “anits” they will only talk to in a court of law.

      Although you are obviously joking with your comment above, still the time for talking is over.

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