Definition:Meshichist Envy & Jealousy

Meshichist jealousyEnvy-jealousyFor an Example of what envy and jealousy is…

Meshichist-Envy-jealousy-chabad.infoSome Facts:

1. This piece of garbage of propaganda was not written by  a “Shliach”, but by the Chabadinfo editor. The first comments were written by the editor as-well.

2. This propaganda against the Kinus (Morkoz/Aguch) is nothing new. We see this PETTY, childish “complaints” on a  yearly basis. Usually a week before or during the Kinus, for some reasons they decided to run this late.

3. The Hypocrisy: The Meshichistim have been trying to imitate the official Kinus, going as far as sending spies to the Shluchim office and the Kinus office to rip off material, so they may copy it.

How much money is wasted in decorating 770 for the Meshichist Kinus? According to this piece of propaganda, that’s not needed, in fact in a previous propaganda piece a few weeks ago a writer suggested that all that’s needed for a kinus is a Shabbos Mevorchim Rosh Chodesh Kislev Farbrengen in 770. I’m sure the Meshichistim will follow their own advise next year.

4. Worried how money is spent? How about the hundreds and thousands of dollars the Meshichistim have spent in lawsuits and Mesiras these past 20 years, could not that money been better spent for charity?     

5. 20 years of running their own show and the Meshichistim are still bitter, envious and jealous? One Word….LOSERS!!!!! 



Mishichistim Mossrim Have Nowhere To Go But Backwards


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