They Will Be Knocking On your Doors Soon


The yearly Meshichist Mossrim convention is here, expect the following Shnorers (שנאָרער’ס) at your door collecting “charity” for their continued Chillul Hashem.

Photo Gallery:

“Essen Es Zich”

How To Communicate Mossrim

Shlichus Must Be According To Halacha?

It is forbidding to give these Meshichistim a dollar. When they come knocking (and they will), tell them you don’t support Mossrim who make a mockery of our Rebbe zt”l.

Yaakov Shatz-menachem mendel hendel-meshichistim-mesira-informer-mosser-יעקב ש''ץ-שץ-מוסר-מלשין


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