Joke Of The Day…Hypocrisy…Who Is Chabad.Info? is so much to make fun of here  and G-d willing after Yom-Tov I will get to it. I will brake apart every word, sentence and paragraph.

(Don’t worry I saved this to PDF).

But just one thought for now…

The editors of the Meshichist blog (inciter and justifier of violence and Mesira)  thought it so important to inform the public (in a cowardly manner) as to whom runs, yet, and here comes the hypocrisy, we the public don’t know whose the editor/Inciter of

In fact, the very (masterful, thought out, detailed, evidence full)  article smoking out the great and evil “Inciter”, is written by (?), ho wait, there isn’t even name of a “reporter”, it’s just a reporter.

Exit Question: The name of the ‘Inciter’ is not published for legal reasons, however, if is publishing the truth which is based on facts (evidence), then what are they worried about?

Lot’s more to come…this is going to be to much fun.

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