Whats The Bottom Line For me and You?

Chanina Sperlin-Crown Heights

The irrelevant Zaki Tamir, chairman of the irrelevant Crown Heights Community Council Inc. had the following to say on NYC Election day,  Tuesday September 10, 2013.

There has not been an election of this importance for the community for several years and the results will impact our community in a real way. Before I got involved in the community organizations, I, like many, was amused at the constant barrage of pictures of various candidates and elected officials meeting with community activists. However, most people don’t realize that these visits translate into real benefit to the community.

When a Yeshiva needs help from a City official or when a community member can’t get anyone in a government office to listen to him or her, the personal connections that have been formed during these visits can help cut through red tape and bureaucracy. Our community organizations also benefit from increased attention and funding that results in direct assistance to hundreds of families every year.

In this context I want to compliment Chanina Sperlin. It is impossible to overstate the high regard in which he is held at every level of government, from the White House, to the US Congress, to the Governor’s Mansion in Albany, to City Hall. It is not his eloquence or polish that people respect, it is the fact that he uses his connections to help people and to get things done. Chanina never allows himself to be charmed by high-level visitors. He will always tell them what they can do for the community and make sure they follow through. And he can always get them on the phone when someone in the community needs help.

And then Tamir went on to endorse a bunch of people. Only one person of whom Tamir and his PAC indorsed actually won, but that was a no brainier.

Let’s say, for arguments sake that everything Tamir writes is true, what has all the above done for the Crown Heights residents bottom line?

So you took a barrage of pictures of various candidates and elected officials meeting with community activists and eventually you got LOTS off money, let’s say you got something over $41 MILLION, what next? More money for the corrupt cabal of Crown Heights?

And by the way…

1) Three years and the residents of Crown Heights have not heard from Zaki Tamir the “chairman” of the CHJCC and when we do finally hear him, we don’t get an accounting of whats he’s been up to for the past three years, we don’t get an accounting on how many people were assisted etc… what do we get? We get Tamir praising a person we throw out three years ago.

2) Give one example of something good that Chanina Sperlin did to help our bottom lines?


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