When Thompson Talked About The (Drum Rolls Please)…

438698[COLLIVE] Bill Thompson was seated near Chanina Sperlin on Tuesday night when he recalled the violent days in 1991 when hate and fear was dominant on the streets of the neighborhood.

“I was in the South of France, on my first real vacation, when I got the news about the riots,” said Thompson who was at the time the youngest Deputy of Brooklyn Borough President.

“I got tons of messages at the hotel that Crown Heights is burning. They said, ‘There are riots, you gotta get back here.’ I got on the plane and came back,” he said about his work to fix the racial divide that had paralyzed Brooklyn.

“That year, rabbis marched in the Labor Day Parade (down Eastern Parkway), as part of working to bring the communities together,” Thompson recalled. “They wore bullet-proof vests, but they marched.”

[CHLEAKS.COM] “The subject of the ’91 Riots’ being discussed in the Collive article (and at the party itself) is nothing but a distraction. When coming to Crown Heights, politicians have nothing else to talk about so they talk about the riots. COLlive has nothing useful to report in regards to this event, so they write about the riots.”


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