Meshichist Trojan Horse?


Three weeks ago, Meshichist Ra-bonim in Israel assembled to discuss the issues facing the Chabad community in Israel ● After hours of discussion the Ra-bonim released a letter addressing those issues ● Why would Meshichistim be discussing issues facing the Chabad community?

This must be their Trojan Horse  in another attempt infiltrate the Chabad movement. This is something they’ve wanted to do since the Rebbe zt”l passed away almost 20 years ago.

The lesson they never seem to learn is that the moment a letter is lased with Rebbe M”HM (Melech HaMoshiach), the paper becomes toilet paper.

Blood on their Hands: Three years ago most of these Ra-bonim, if not all, were contacted about a blood libel (mesirah) that was orchestrated by Meshichistim. These Ra-bonim were asked to intervene to stop the Mesirah that could have had six innocent Jews imprisoned for 15 plus years if they would have been convicted. All of them refused to get involved.

What  issue could be worse then Mesirah? When blood was flowing, they were silence. They shut up then they can shut up now.


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