Nobody Knows What Happened In 770 [?]

-chanina sperlin-hello-can-you-hear-me-

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?

There was a time when something [for example: fighting, screaming and whatever stupidity you can thing of] happened in 770, the word would spread throughout the neighborhood and it would become the subject of useless conversation.

This would happen because there would always be a few people who normally davven at your Shul who would also occasionally visit 770 (the basement)  for a prayer or two for old time sakes. So there was a good chance that if there was some “action” in 770, we would hear about it directly from someone who was there. If not this guy then the other. But today this is not so. If something happens in 770, must likely you wont hear about it and if you so happen to hear something it would be so broken up you wont get a straight story. You wont hear about this because those who used to visit 770 every once in awhile stopped doing so (because of the “action” etc…)


I heard from somebody who heard from somebody that some “action” did take place in 770 this past Yom Tov. Nobody seems to know exactly what and those who do know are to embarrassed to say.

Here are some of the pieces: One of the Gaboyim called up Rabbi Osdoba for the Aliya of Aseret Hadibrot and it seems that Aliya was supposed to go to Schwei…whatever… Then….

[The following is why I wrote this post in the first place]

…CHANINA SPERLIN got up on the Bima and started ranting and screaming, as usual nobody understood a word he said.


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