Collies [Purposely] Adds Confusion…

…to trump up fake reaction or manufactured anger against CHK with story that has nothing to do with Crown Heights matzos nor the CHK.

and here it is. -confusion

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Chaim Meir Wagschal of Monsey who heads the Vaad Hakshrus supervision of the Skverer Beis Din, has investigated the kashrus of the strings used for wrapping the matzah boxes.

nf_0592_155780In an article this month in the Bishde Hakashrus publication, he wrote that he has been in touch with the manufacturers of these strings and were “surprised to hear from the owner that the same factory also makes a type of string which is covered with flour.”

He said the string named “polished twine” is first dipped in water and then flour. Later, a large fan blows the flour so the flour is glued to the string. It is then placed in an oven where it dries.

Calling it “chometz’dike” string, Rabbi Wagschal said that “it is quite possible that flour crumbs can, at times, stick to the regular varieties of string,” like the ones used in matzah bakeries.

He therefore recommended that those who received their matzos tied with a string, should carefully removed it so it does not touch the table or any other surfaces.

Rabbi Wagschal added that those who wish to rinse their hands after touching the string should not do so in a sink used for Kosher for Pesach dishes.

He stated that matzos from the bakeries Oneg Skverer and Kehillah Boro Park have tracked the source of the strings they use.

1BC: Here is where  the idiots at somehow mix in the CHK to a story they have absolutely nothing to do with.

Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, member of the Crown Heights Beis Din who heads the CHK supervision with Rabbi Shlomo Segal, was not available for comment on this matter.

Maybe the staff at COLLIES.COM should learn to read Yiddish.


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