Who Cares?

Chabad.info Meshichist blog “reports”…

crown heights-corruption-fraud

Who cares?

How is this relevant to any hard working struggling Crown Heights family? How is this relevant to anybody period?

Comment #2 writes:

2. finally!

Let this thing finish!

Why must it finish, you can’t sleep at night because of this? How does the corrupt cabal of the CHJCC politics effect your life? What are the so called” results” going to do for you, your family, neighbors or friends?

Comment #3 writes:

3. The community will know that there is an authority

And no one is above the law.

Let hope that this will be the last one.

The community will know that there is an authority? An authority to do what exactly?

And no one is above the law? Even those from the corrupt CHJCC cabal who have been stealing millions meant to assist people in need? Are you even slightly concerned about where and how the 10 million dollars the CHJCC has received  by way of government grants and contracts since 2009 was spent?


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2 responses to “Who Cares?

  • antimesira

    When one can not go forward he will seek to go backwards.

    This is what Meshichistim are good at. They go back to the past, to “victim-hood” because they have nothing to show in going forward.

    It’s 20 years since 3 Tammuz and these corrupt Meshichist Mossrim cabal are still trying to distract us with really really stupid things that have nothing to do with us, nothing that can help us physically nor spiritually, all the while they make a run with the cash.

    Anybody involved in this crap not running with the cash (not stealing), is a fool. Those running with the cash are thieves and justice will meet them around the corner.

  • Just Saying

    That site does not get a whole lot of traffic, when you post these things you are giving the “issue” more attention then it deserves.

    Even “their” people are not interested, as you can see from the lack of comments on any giving issue.

    Just saying.

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