Why Not Millions?


Clever Meshichistim think they are fooling us.

To show/prove that they had “thousands” of Bochrim at their so called “Kinus Hatmimim”, they post photos from earlier that day, when in fact all Bochrim (from all Yeshivas) that had come to New york for Yud Shevat spent most of their day in 770 learning .

In a sly move, somewhere in the middle, the photos switch to the actual event, which substantially had less participants.  Notice the table cloths and food in second half of photos.

View Photos Here: Thousands At 770 International Kinus Hatmimim

To fool the world is one thing,
but to fool yourself is no big deal.

You’re a fool for wanting to fool yourself
—and anyone can fool a fool.

—from the sayings of Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch


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