Yossi Stern Supports Yossi Stern

Yossi Stern and Paul Huebner

Yossi Stern and Paul Huebner

Yossi Stern has arisen from the dead and now will pretend to be the Messiah whose going to save the people of Crown Heights.

Check out how Yossi Stern is the only one supporting Yossi Stern.

Collies.com helps Yossi Stern B.S. the community by publishing Sterns propaganda with an article titled: How Can We Help Our Community

It seems that most people see through the B.S. of Yossi Stern and Eric Adems and they express their opinion using the comments.

What I find interesting and I’m sure you will as-well, is that Yossi Stern is writing comments in his own support, he’s doing so all the while pretending to be a third party.

Read comments: #13 #19 #23 #28 #29 <My favorite one. #30 #34

How sad, pathetic and somehow funny at the same time!

Yossi Stern, your a loser, go play dead, it’s been very peaceful these past three years without you.


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