Guards in 770 waste useless

770 eastern parkway

In reaction to last weeks violent Meshichist attack in 770, the powers to be placed guards to watch over the upstairs of 770. A police presents was seen as-well.

Is this the proper course of action that should be taken? I think not.

Instead of wasting funds on guards, the better and most effective course of action would have been to file retraining orders against the Meshichist thugs. Once they violate the restraining order, you call NYPD and have them locked up. Restraining orders would also cost [lawyers], but still cheaper and more effective then having guards.

Once these Meshichist thugs violate the retraining order (which they would), they would get arrested, go through the system, see a judge and hopefully and most probably get deported. This only has to happen once and the craziness comes to a full stop.

There may still be a dispute in court as to who controls the downstairs of 770, but there is no dispute about the upstairs. The powers to be should stop being chicken and do what is absolutely necessary



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