District Attorney Charles Hynes: Hero or Villain

District Attorney Charles Hynes

District Attorney Charles Hynes

In the years 2008 until 2010 District Attorney Charles Hynes was perceived in the eyes of a few (mainly the Shmira and co.) as the….

the -Dark-Knight-District Attorney Charles Hynes…HERO…THE DARK NIGHT

Fast forward 2012, the same people all of suddenly perceive the very same District Attorney Charles Hynes at the….


The question is…why in 2008 was he a hero and now in 2012 (going onto 2013) is he a villain?

In 2008-2010 the Mossrim (Shmira and the corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and Co) were assisting  District Attorney Charles Hynes in prosecuting the Shomrim Six. Thus making him the hero, the dark night, fighter of justice, protector of all etc…etc…

In 2010-2012 the District Attorney Charles Hynes has focused his attention to Shmira member Yitzchak Shuchat and therefore suddenly he’s perceived as a villain…the joker…anti-Semite…disgrace…bias…trying to carve out a legacy for himself… rotten piece of Shmutz that should be ashamed of himself…etc…etc…bla bla bla.

In Closing: HA HA HA


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