Meshichistim Find New MH”M

“Moshiach Camp” or “Jihad camp” is the name of the youth division of Mendel Hendels Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim, with over 100  45 children who are spending the month of Tishrei with the MH”M 24/7. Yesterday, they stopped at the house of the new MH”M Ha’Rebbe  Sholom Ber Drizin, the main sponsor of Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim, and did a lineup with Pesukim and singing of Yechi in honor of the new MH”M  ● Sitting alongside MH”M Drizin were Menachem Mendel Hendel, director of Eishel, and R’ Nochum Markowitz ● 1BC photographer Mr. Potatohead presents:

New MH”M on the Balcony

The MH”M Blesses his little Jihad solders



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