Remember When Mesira Was Allowed?

It is no secret that Chabad has been riddled with bitter infighting over the past 20 years, with the same Chassidim whose motto is Ahavas Yisroel are pitted against each other in a war that completely disregards that same foundation, namely Ahavas Yisroel. But as religious Jews there were always red lines that no one dared crossing in any situation, one of them is called “Mesirah.” A Jew, especially a religious Jew, and more so a Lubavitcher Chossid will never do “Mesirah” against a fellow Jew and cause him damage for the sake of damage per se, because of his hate. This line is not crossed.

But there is always an exception to every rule, there are a noisy few (wearing Yechi Kippas and “moshiach” pins) who are so filled with hate and envy that it has clouded their vision and shut down their thinking abilities, causing them to descend to the lowest levels of human behavior and do all that they can to cause damage to someone they suspect as being a “Shomrim” Volunteer It makes no difference if they have any benefit from it or not, they will always choose the route of “Mesirah” and seek to cause damage.

In nearby neighborhoods such people are branded “Rats” and usually suffer a fate which we do not wish on anyone, same applies to some other neighborhoods where they are greeted with Chaptzem cries and the rest is history, but here in Crown Heights Lubavitchers do not use violence or intimidation against the sinners, rather they try to help them see the light and leave their ways.


Every local resident can testify that the age-old phrase still stands, “The parade continues despite the vicious barking from stray dogs.” Despite behaving like the lowest elements of society and harassing the local authorities with fictitious complaints against the Shomrim, the Shomrim continue to do there holy work of helping Jews.

The interviewed residents voiced their strong disgust and aversion from this behavior, saying that such actions have just strengthened their resolve to help out the Shomrim in every possible manner, including donating to the Pidyon Shivuyim Fund.

Despite the sad fact that these Mosrim ran a marathon of Mesirahs, two years in the making, causing much pain, suffering and lose to six innocent individuals and their families, the Shomrim who are not intimidated by Mesirah continue stronger then before in their resolve to assist Jews  following the Alter Rebbe’s footsteps who went to jail due to Mesirah from fellow religious Jews and as a result we have the “Holiday of all Holidays” Yud Tes Kislev…


Despite the resolve of the Shomrim and locals not to be fazed by such despicable behavior, it is important that the community be aware of the sheer amount of actions perpetrated by these scoundrels, who have made it their mission to destroy the local institutions causing much untold damage.

This sad situation has reached its peak on 28 Cheshvon 5770. While some residents take from their time to volunteer to do good in the community, the lowest elements of society are busy looking for ways to destroy them, to cause untold damage to Shomrim. From December 29, 2007 until October 14th, 2009 the Mossrim worked non-stop to orchestrate the most vicious Mesira/Blood Libel in the History of the Jewish people.

The Mossrim were doing all they can to have Six innocent Jews who volunteer in Shomrim and who are our fathers, husbands, sons, neighbors ad friends, jailed for well over 15 years.


for the past three years we reported on the Mesirahs and the Mosrim, but many refused to believe these allegations, claiming that it is impossible that Lubavitchers (especially those who are grandchildren of Russian Chassidim who suffered from Mosrim) will take such actions against the other Jews.

The realty of a Six week trail has confirmed what was known all along, that it was a Mesirah!!! Mesirah is Mesirah!!!!


“Podo Beshalom Nafshi… Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem”

On a more positive note, Shomrim said, “We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow for anyone who calls on us for assistance.”

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“Podo Beshalom Nafshi… Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem”

מעשה הנבלה שהיה (Hebrew)


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