It’s Come To This: Intimidation and Blackmail

 Sent in by a 1BC fan

They (The Meshichist Mossrim faction) can not WIN over our hearts and minds, so they attempt to take it by force!!!

They (The Meshichist Mossrim faction) will attempt to take our hearts and minds by force but they will FAIL!!!

They (The Meshichist Mossrim faction) will FAIL because we are not sheeple, we are people, we are people who will stand for our rights and fight!

They (The Meshichist Mossrim faction) will use Intimidation and Blackmail to force their way in to our hearts and minds (See Bellow)

We (Chabad of Crown Heights faction) are tired of trying to convince you (The Meshichist Mossrim faction)of your wrong ways.

We(Chabad of Crown Heights faction)are currently focused on defeating you (The Meshichist Mossrim faction) and we will be VICTORIOUS!!!

The stronger one will be VICTORIOUS!!! 

1) Another confirmation of total PANIC!

2) This is clear proof that the Meshichist faction has noting to do with ideology (Rebbe and Moshiach and all the other bluffs they invented over the course of years), BUT rather politics, money, money and even more money. 

3) Screw Drizin, he’s not the only one with money and let’s remember whose really in charge of all. Those organizing the Vaad should start a fund towards supporting these Bochrim with all their needs. I will be the first to contribute, I will have to squeeze out a few dollars but I will, to win a war, especially one over darkness and evil one must waste the treasure chest.

Don’t get intimidated by a little money. Besides if Drizin was giving as much money (a million just for this month*) as they say he is, then (a) why are they still collecting? (b) why are they so threatened by the Vaad?

* If Drizin was giving them a million, they would have plenty of change at the end of the month. They get FREE space to lodge their guest. They get FREE food from various companies wishing to get a tax detectable (which is a scam because these are not poor and needy people).


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