Can You Spot the Anomaly?

Most of you properly didn’t put any notice to this booklet in the first place, and so did I, not until someone pointed out the following anomaly (contradiction)…

From a letter dated 25 Elul 5772, written by Braun to the guest:

Yet, on the cover page of the booklet you will find the following….

Did you spot the Anomaly?

If your slow and you haven’t picked it up your properly from the B.S. (Braun and Schwei faction), I’ll take the liberty in pointing the obvious out.

Inside the booklet the B.S. try to convince you that the CHK Hechsur is no good and you can’t rely on them etc…. BUT on the cover page when discussing asking Sha’alahs, one of the Rabonim they suggest you call is Rabbi Avraham Osdoba. Rabbi Osdoba runs and operated the “unreliable” CHK.

So basiclly B.S. is saying that Osdoba is reliable on everything else (Marriage, family purity, Laws regarding Shabbos and Yom Tov etc…etc…) but not on his Hechsur (?)


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