18 Years Later…Meshichistim Discover the Ohel

Panic Mode Confirmed!

After 18 year of pretending and sometimes denying that the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel does not exists, all of a sudden, almost mysteriously, without explanation Mendel Hendel’s Meshichist faction has discovered the Ohel in the year 5753 (2012).


5 responses to “18 Years Later…Meshichistim Discover the Ohel

  • pinchos woolstone

    What do the photos means

  • antimesira

    When Liberals politicians run for reelections they pretend to be conservatives, all of a sudden they are preaching conservatism.

    Until that time (of reelection), they will think,speak and act like a liberal.

    It seems that the Meshichist faction is indeed in panic mode, they never had to run for elections, now they are fighting for their lives so they are pretending to be Chabad…thus you all of a sudden after 18 years, have photos of the Ohel on Meshichist web-site.

    Mark my word here and now. As the challenge gets greater for them the more we will see them pretending to be like us-chabad, but don’t be fooled, they don’t have good intentions, they are not “seeing the light”.

  • Yoelish

    the rayatz is buried there too…. theyre just going to his kever.

    • 1bigpotatohead

      Ye, and it took them 18 years to discover that as-well?

      They know very well why people are there today, and it’s for the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l.

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