Gutsy Move

Sent in by a fan

When I read the following comment on in this post…

This image came to mind…
The commenter demonstrates low self esteem for himself and the person he’s attempting to lift with his degrading, irrelevant and stupid comment. He might as well have just written…”OMG!!! How brave and gutsy (“gutsy move“) of my man the Braunsky” etc….

BTW, Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch: Metzitza B’peh Is Mandatory


One response to “Gutsy Move

  • I wonder I wonder

    the person who wrote that comment shows very low confidence in “his guy” by writing that comment.

    Think about it, what really is the point.

    “I’m wondering”…
    Why the hell would you be wondering such a thing in the first place? Why are you still wondering about Rabbi Bogomilsaky two years after the elections?

    And after you wondered, what letter did you imagine Rabbi Bogomilsky would have put out?

    Just “wondering”!

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