Who Is Ripping Off Millions Of Grant Money Meant To Services CH Community?

Who has been stealing millions of dollars (from government grants) meant to help the needy Crown Heights Community?

Who has their hand filled with innocent Jewish blood as a result of  Mesira?

Frivolous RICO case against Reb Dovid Fischer

Frivolous RICO case against Board of Directors of Machne Menachem

Gmach, Local Business Owners Subpoenaed by ‘New Vaad’

Sperlin and Poltorack Challenged on Grounds of Messira

Shomrim Six Mesira

False 311 Mesiras

Who are those responsible for all the above and more?….

One thing for-certain, it’s NOT this guy….

Rabbi Segal of the Badatz of Crown Heights posting a sign on the BD door



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