Chayolei Hamelech Where The Rebbe Isn’t

Why didn’t Meshichist camp come to 770 for Chof Av?

It has been a tradition for decades that all camps came in for Chof Av to Farbrang with the Rebbe zt”l.  This tradition has been carried even after the Rebbe’s passing in 1994- 5754.

This year, the meshichist cult camp which brainwashes it’s campers with MH”M did not bother to make the trip to New York to meet with the MH”M.

The Reason?….

1) Their full of crap.

2) Having the whole  camp coming to Crown Heights and to 770 would expose them for how many campers they really have. Last year the web-stes pointed out the very low numbers in camp Chayolei Hamelech by using the photo’s provided by of the camp in 770, so to avoid this, they opted not to show.

3) The MH”M doesn’t live in 770 anymore, his new address is 445 Masthope Plank Rd Lackawaxen PA 18435



5 responses to “Chayolei Hamelech Where The Rebbe Isn’t

  • Anonymous

    get a life you have nothing better to do than to curse people out

  • Osher

    A quick English lesson, buddy. “Their” means “belonging to them.” What you intended to say was “They’re full of crap.” I won’t doubt you on that, as you seem to be an expert when it comes to excrement.

    • 1bigpotatohead

      Out of all the things that I’ve posted here, it’s this post that pissed you off?

      • Osher

        Just happens to have been the first one that I saw, actually. If I corrected every idiotic thing you say on this site, I’m afraid I would starve to death.

      • 1bigpotatohead

        Yom Kipper is a fast day for the Jews.

        Since your a meshichist and don’t have to fast, you can spend the day pointing out all the idiotic things I say on my site.

        Start with one thing and explain in detail, please do!

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