Any Volunteers?

This spare tire has been seen on this COP vehicle for over a month

Volunteer patrol group (who claims to have over 100 volunteers) searching for a volunteer to change tire.

Call the Crown Heights Shmira at (718)-221-0303 (24/7)

What is the Civilian Observation Patrol?

COP is a Community Program run by the NYPD, it’s built up of volunteers within the community that patrol their streets, the Programs aim is;

– Decrease crime activity or incidence of crime within the confines of the areas covered.
– Create a cleaner and safer quality of life for both residents and merchants within the community.
– Encourage witness/victim participation in court proceedings.
– Encourage neighborhood involvement and awareness with crime prevention practices and maintaining an improved quality of life
within the community.
– Decrease plea bargaining, and increase maximum sentencing and penalties through court monitoring.
– Deter street crime, such as muggings, car and car radio thefts in covered areas.
– Deter late night street crimes, such as the mugging of victims coming home late from work, or social events, especially
during warmer months.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

This “volunteer” driving this NYPD issued vehicle, gets to freely drive around  (to take care of his personal needs) on the tax payers dime, he doesn’t have to pay insurance, gas and maintenance, yet, he can’t go a little out of his way to fix a tire?

Now, thats a true freeloader and Chazer!!!


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