In response to THIS  story posted on Crownheights.info on July 18, 2012 once again Chabad.info goes out of their way  to expose the TRUTH of what really happened…

He Is Black He Has A Schmekel but He didn’t Expose It

This morning, a Crown Heights news site ran a story on a Black wife beater who allegedly exposed himself around 770 who was arrested after allegedly assaulting two Shomrim members. The story caused many to wonder if it’s safe to walk the streets near 770.

But Today, the black man was busy searching for our editor in 770 wanting to present his side of the story:

“First of all I would like to clarify that I am black and yes I do have a Schmekel BUT I am  not a wife beater, I was never a wife beater, I have never been married. Second I did not expose myself to anyone, but rather was asked by police if I did and merely refused to cooperate and therefor was arrested.”

“It is true, I was wearing a wife beater, but I am not one. And it is true there was an altercation between me and the lady and the Shomrim members, but I did not hurt or expose myself to anyone” he said, continuing “If I would’ve done such a thing, I would’ve been arrested for attempted murder and wouldn’t be out on the streets.”

There we have it folks, clear proof that CH.INFO is not only anti-770beggars and a very bad villain in a movie, CH.INFO is a racist!


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