Where’s Chayolei Hamelech?

These past few days web-sites like Crown Heights.info and Collive.con have been showing the public photos of various camps preparing to depart the city for the mountains, all put one camp and that would be the Meshichist camp of Chayolei Hamelech. Even the Mishichist web-site Chabad.info (aka Jihad.info) has in fact never (over the years) shown any  photos of their camp departing. Oddly enough the only people to post photos of  Chayolei Hamelech are the people from MachneMenachem.com.

I emailed the people of MM asking whether they took any photos this year and their reply was as follows:

“I went there in 2010 and  last year 2011 and didn’t have anything to take photos of. I was done in five minutes, there were barely any parent with kids waiting by the buses, it got very boring very quickly. Besides, the very fact that their own web-site – their own supporters- don’t report and show us “the hundreds of campers”  going to “the bast camp”, is enough said, there is nothing else to prove”.


2 responses to “Where’s Chayolei Hamelech?

  • 1BIGcholent does it again

    After 6 years of NOT posting photos of leaving to camp, Chayolei Hamelech, using chabad.info. post some photos as a result of 1BIGcholent calling them out on it.

    Viewing those photos one can understand why they tried to avoid showing them. Theres no kids! The whole camp consist on only 50 campers.

    in 1997, 12 full buses pulled out from Eastern Parkway heading to then Machne Menachem. Today four EMPTY buses pull out.

  • Anonymous

    that is just not true they’re over 400
    campers in camp this year 4empty busses I hope that none of the people who see this site believe what it says

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