Goodbye Tzfatis, Hello Nazis

Talking to a relative of mine who came from Israel for Gimmul Tammuz, when discussing (amongst many things) the Meshichist movement in Israel, he mentioned that the Tzfat Yeshiva ran by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshansky has been moving away from being extreme Meshichistim in recent years. He went on to explain that Wilshansky  is not excepting  these crazy Meshichist terrorist in his Yeshiva anymore and in a few short years there will be no sign that meshichistim have ever been there. Instead Wilshansky sends the crazies to a new meshichist Yeshiva located Nazareth Illit (נצרת עילית).

Exit Question: If until now we called the Meshichistim coming out of the Tzfat Yeshiva “Tzfatis”, what do we call the meshichistim coming out of the Meshichist Yeshiva located in Nazareth, do we call them “Nazis”?


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