Maple Shul Machlokes: Whats It Really All About?

From a comment on CHI

Ahavas Moshe, aka The Maple Street Shul.

Red Herrings wrote:

Here’s how the whole affair started:

The entire machlokes started with herring: when some members (or ex/former-members) wanted a piece of kichel and herring during davening. They were starving and the chazzon was taking too long! When they asked nicely, “management” refused to allow them to sate their hunger pangs and forced to wait till after davening for the kiddush and the piece of herring.

The next shabbos, these members did what any sane hungry person would do – they forced their way into the food storage and kidnapped a piece of mezonos and herring without authority. The kiddush food was attacked and devoured.

In retaliation by “management”, the next shabbos a “decoy” mezonos was set up next shabbos – it was a dietetic fat-free cake made with splenda and whole wheat spelt (I know: disgusting!), together with pickled herring dressed to look like schmaltz herring by letting it sit in a puddle of oil.

When the renegade members indulged unsuspectingly into this decoy food, several became sick and one even vomited. Things went downhill from there…so it is all about herring, red or otherwise.

The point is – since it all started because of herring, it makes sense that the court case will be full of red herrings.

If we want this case settled, all we need is an industrial size barrel of herring and sholom al yisroel.


One response to “Maple Shul Machlokes: Whats It Really All About?

  • pinchos woolstone

    Hopefully there will be open and free elections conducted according to the Laws of the State of New York by an independent body.
    No individual family or group can control either directly or indirectly a public institution.
    We live in the 21st Century openness and transparency is not an option but a right.
    The contribution of the past management should be recognized but more important is the will of the majority which can only be determined at the ballot box

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