Can You Spot the Elite Israeli Soldiers in This Photo?

Look closely: Can you spot the elite Israeli soldiers in this picture?

What you’re seeing (or maybe not seeing) are soldiers from the Egoz reconnaissance unit of the Israeli Defense Force, reports The Daily Mail. It also gives some history:

Founded in 1956, the Egoz reconnaissance unit of the Israeli Defense Force is a special unit trained in guerilla tactics. Its battalion is part of the Northern Command’s Golani Brigade.

Their training starts with basic exercises, then advanced exercises, and unit marches, after which each soldier is interviewed by Israeli intelligence to determine if he should be screened out from the second phase of training.

It is in the second phase when recruits learn camouflage warfare plus various kinds of assaults, land navigation, jeep driving, counter-terrorism, parachuting, reconnaissance and the alpine warfare.

A YouTube video purports to explain more about the unit’s training. It’s in Hebrew but with English subtitles, and touches on the soldiers’ ability to blend in:

So, now the question is: Have you found the soldiers in the picture? The Daily Mail reveals the answer:


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