Op-Ed: The Reason For Shomrim

I saw the following comment on CHI and thought it deserved a post of it’s own.

There are a few things to consider…. Calling the police at times can be an intimidating experience. The response times can be extremely delayed (as more important emergencies take precedence), and when they finally arrive there is no longer anything to do but go through the motions of filing a report. At times when they arrive, after “you” called them, they encourage the perpetrators to reverse charges against you knowing full well that you stand more to lose, resulting in either both sides dropping charges and the statistics remain status quo, or you getting a ride to the precinct to spend hours there hoping not to have to go through booking. You can label the police as lazy, indifferent, trying to be politically correct, trying to be diffusers, trying to manage their statistics, or plain anti Semitic. Shomrim on the other hand respond to all types of calls fairly quickly, are caring and comforting, assist people of all races, religions, creeds, etc…, and assist you with dealing with the situation or police. The media and civil libertarians try to be politically correct and claim statistically police and others i.e. Shomrim use racial profiling, are instigators, etc… but let’s be realistic and use the same statistics and see who the perpetrators of the majority of the crimes committed are. When trying to fight a fire you concentrate the water on the source of the fire. Also let’s look where these so called civil libertarians or police for that matter actually live. How many of them live in diverse communities such as Crown Heights? Let’s hope the police and organizations such as Shomrim can work together towards a common goal of maintaining peace, harmony and security.


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