Wheres the Yechi?

Meshichistim in retreat?

Game Over!!! Three years ago, the above poster would have had a huge Yechi and Moshiach flags plastered all over it, now the yechi hides it in a corner.

On a more serious note:

Details Matter

1) The Meshichist web-site owned and operated by Mendel Hendel posted the following when advertising the poster above.

Although a Lag Ba’omer Parade is an event reserved for Sundays, this year a group of Yungeleit are planning a Parade for local Crown Heights children, which will take place on Wednesday night at 7:00pm starting from the Jewish Children’s Museum and ending in the Wingate Highschool at 600 Kingston Avenue, where the annual bonfire takes place.

Here Hendel attempts to make it seem like this event is grassroots (like many large events held in the past by grassroots Chabadniks), when in fact it’s just Hendel trying to make the meshichist movement stay relevant (by making you think theres a strong grassroots meshichist movement in Crown Heights) .

2) You’ll notice that on the bottom right side of the poster it says the following:

With permission and encouragement of the Rabbonim and Mashpi’im of Crown Heights.

Why would they write such a thing? Why is it relevant?

The answer is simple. This is propaganda. They are trying to create the premise that to hold such an event one must have permission from (their) “Rabbonim and  Mashpi’im”. This way they can claim to be of higher standards then those they fight against and next time Chabadniks want to hold an event they will attempt to hold their feet to the fire by claiming “where is your permission from Rabbonim and  Mashpi’im?” (although I must note that besides claiming they have permission -whatever that means or matters- they show no evidence of such a thing).

UPDATE: Apparently now its  been updates to “a few Bochurim and Yungeleit” who organized the parade, although the only people who meet with police were Israeli Meshichist Bochrim in Chanina Sperlins house.

EXIT QUESTION: How is Mendel Hendel going to write this event off as?


One response to “Wheres the Yechi?

  • Who Is Behind Mysterious Lag Ba'omer Parade?

    Residents of Crown Heights awoke this morning to find the neighborhood covered with flyers advertising a children’s Lag Ba’omer parade. The flyers look very mysterious; they do not say who or which organization is behind the parade. They claim to have the encouragement of Rabbonim and Mashpi’im, but do not give any names. They almost look like an anonymous “Pashkvil.”

    Another source of much confusion to parents was that this “parade” is happening on the eve of Lag Ba’omer, a time traditionally reserved for bonfires – while the parades would take place the following day.

    After numerous inquiries by confused parents, we decided to investigate.

    Since the “Pashkvil” was anonymous, we didn’t know who to contact for a direct comment. However, a short trip down to the Wingate High School area and back up Kingston Avenue – where this ‘parade’ is scheduled to take place – pretty much cleared up the mystery over who is behind it.

    Please note: the Lag Ba’omer bonfire which usually takes place in front of the Wingate high school is arranged by Rabbi Zalman Liberow, who has taken this project upon himself, in memory of his son Saadiya Shmuel OBM, for quite a number of years – with much success.

    It appears this “Pashkvil parade” is attempting to hijack this legitimate function, but according to Liberow there is no formal connection between the two events.

    Additionally, the annual parade which takes place on the day of Lag Ba’omer in front of 770, and the one that the Rebbe attended, will be organized this year by the NCFJE and the Hecht family.

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