Whose Up For Another Award?

Young Black Boy Beaten in Park, Jews Come to Aid

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — In Lefferts Park today, a 12-year-old black boy was the victim of a vicious assault. A group of Jewish men who witnesses the beating came to his aid.

The incident occurred this afternoon; several Bochurim from local yeshivas were spending their lunch break playing some sports when they witnessed two black boys, who were approximately 12-years-old, get into a fight. One boy knocked the other to the ground and proceeded to beat him until he lost consciousness.

Other boys who were watching the fight – and cheering it on – prevented the Bochurim from stopping the actual beating, and when the aggressor apparently filled his appetite for violence he and his friends fled the park.

The Bochurim ran over and found the injured boy laying there in a pool of blood. They immediately called 911, and stayed with him until an ambulance arrived and took the child to Kings County Hospital. The police arrived at the scene as well, and the Bochurim gave a detailed description of what they witnessed for the police report.

So will police give an award to the Jews who helped the black boy?

What ever happened to that black boy who Police said they will award… Did they even try to find out who he was? or was it just a ploy to push attention away from a Jewish kid being assaulted.


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