Whose Up For An Award?

"Police officer Richard Silverstein of the 71 Precinct, who responded to the call, told COLlive they are considering to reward the kind civilian.
"The individual helped out a fellow community member in a time of need, protecting him from further violence and walking him back to his school to make sure he was safe. We want to thank him for that," he said."

Don’t our wonderful volunteers  in Hatzalah do this on a daily basis (for Jews and blacks), wheres their reward?

Don’t our wonderful  volunteers in Shomrim do this on a daily basis (for Jews and black), wheres their reward?

Did THIS hero get an award?
Did THIS hero get an award?

I can link dozens of stories like the two above of regular people who risked their life to do the right thing without getting an award (Google it and see for yourself). Whats NYPD agenda by trying to award this “black” person for doing the right thing?

If I was this black man, I would be insulted at the prospect of receiving and award for doing the right thing. It’s like “WOW!!! A BLACK MAN DID THE RIGHT THING, WE NEED TO REWARD HIM!!! THIS IS SOMETHING WE RARELY SEE”. If it was a white of Jewish guy that intervened to help a fellow white or Jewish person being attacked or whatever have you, no big deal, it’s expected, but a BLACK MAN helping a Jew or white man ? Got to give him a reward.


For those (in the comments on COLLIES discussing as to whether the headline COL used –Black Man to the Rescue – is racist or not.

No the headline is not racist. It’s not racist to describe a person as black. It’s just a description.

What is racist is the fact that he’s being rewarded because and only because he’s black.


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