On Meshichist Conspiracy Theories

Seems like a holiday ritual: Every time a Yom-Tov or a Chassidishe Yom-Tov approaches, Chassidim worldwide are busy preparing for the holiday, and the Chabad news websites are filled with reports of the spiritual and physical preparations in all corners of the world.

But there is one website which seems to have the same problem: They have no visitors… They are filled with “Yellow Flags,” recycled op-eds, comments written by a paid bored-soul, reports of non-existing issues, and even blur Non-Tznius pictures of women to appeal to the “highest” elements of society, but nebach Chabad.info still can’t attract visitors, so they have to raise the amount of hate and produce bombastic headlines with imaginary articles, which have no connection to reality.

Chof Beis Shvat is the day in which Shluchos, women and girls from around the world unite in Crown Heights to get inspired and learn from the Rebbetzin; it is the day in which Bochurim are sitting and learning the Rebbe’s Sichos about the Rebbetzin.

But for the deranged people at Chabad.info it is a day to start a campaign of hate and incitement, and try to remind people that they still exist.

When reading the article, a fleeting thought may enter your mind: this sounds more like the conspiracies of some left-wing nut-jobs who took too much drugs. They blame the Hershkops/Shomrim for everything, from the failed election to the stolen camp, from the Lack of Bes Din to the Schochat assault, and any other story in between.

It is surprising that the Hershkops/Shomrim are not being blamed for global warming which brought us a warm winter, or for the drought in Texas which raised the prices of CHK beef, or maybe for the extra humidity which caused an infestation in grapes and strawberries…

It is clear that they are extremists on the wrong side. There are irresponsible, immature and babyish Bochurim. But a “Chabad” site is expected to be on a higher level than a rambling blog.

And just to clarify: The stupid custom of confiscating books and booklets which don’t fit their “ideology” didn’t start in Tzfat, it is actually a product of students from the 770 Yeshiva. Don’t believe it? Try finding a new Siddur in 770 from Kehos or in the 749 Dorm. The Siddurim are all in the conference room upstairs… Lest we not forget about signs which are mounted, to promote their “misleading” messages.

This behavior is unacceptable whether it is a product of the Meshichist “ideology” or the lack of “ideology.” the acts were done (and there is proof of it), the perpetrators should be punished by the responsible authorities (in this case, the Police&ICE). But let every Lubavitcher know that hateful and inciting articles in Chabad.info are not a result of “saving” Lubavitch, but rather another resuscitation effort to awaken a dead site.


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