Meshichistim Find and then Lose their Marbles

Meshichistim find their marble…

Meshichistim lose their marble…

Wait! isn’t the website that used Boteach to knock Rabbi Krinsky when he attacked the kinus hashluchim just a few short weeks ago, by praising, justifying and excusing the Meshichistim?

Then he was good and now you throw him to the dogs?! A few weeks ago he was RABBI Shmuley Boteach, who was at YOUR fake make believe Meshichist Kinnus and now hes “RABBI” Boteach?

How Ironic. A few months ago the Meshichistim tried to own Boteach or better yet they tried to hijack him, now all of a sudden hes Kirinskys fault. LOL!!!

To me it makes no difference, I’m not surprised, I looked at him as a Meshichist a few weeks ago and now I still see him as a Meshichist, as an extreme Meshichist.

You want to ask a good question? You want to bash Aguch/Merkoz/Kirinsky? Heres the question you can ask, hers a question I’m asking…

Why did Aguch take in this Meshichist heretic under its wings? Once a Meshichist heretic, always a Meshichist heretic!!!


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