making threats

By all means, please do

Heres the funny thing: I first noticed this  “pashkvillwhen  on my way to Shul Friday morning for Shacharit. I discarded it, not interested in reading more junk from collive and thought to myself , “wow, must be losing money, they usually print on nice expensive color fliers and now have resorted printing on pink paper”.

But later in the day, while sitting at my desk at work a friend send me the above post from threating to expose the people behind the pashkill. Thats when I made a point to pick one up and actually read it’s contents.

1) helped spread the word. Made CHER actully pick it up and read it. Those who are behind this leaflet must be happy about the free advertisement.

2) shows weakness by showing it bothers them. Hence the goal of those who distributed this leaflet has defiantly met. After all THE TRUTH HURTS!!!

3) Whats the big threat of exposing those behind the pashkvill? What does collive think they will accomplished with an expose? Collive is guilty of posting mossrim and mossrim propaganda on their site, has there been any repercussions? No. Bottom line nobody cares.

But please, the people love blood, so go ahead, please expose whose behind this terrible pashkvill, we simply can not sleep at night knowing theres someone out there doing this disgusting act of spreading the truth.


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