Meshichist Hypocrisy and Total Stupidity Shows Again

Photo Above: A snapshot from the video played in court in the Shomrim Six trial shows Yaakov Shatz (center) who testified as a "victim", grabbing onto a Shomrim Volunteer collar with a fist ready to punch. aka. a meshichist mossrim blog, owned and operated by Menachem Mendel Hendel, leader of the Meshichist mossrim cult, has chosen to present the new book on the great Meshichist Mesira in the following manner:

[HEADLINE] Chilul Hashem: Book About Shomrim Violence

Chilul Hashem: A new book discusses the violence on part the Shomrim hooligans who assaulted Bochurimin the 749 dormitory, and then proceeded to “cry wolf” when they were taken to trial● The “old-school” Lubavitcher Jews consider their more messianic brethren to be dirty and smelly. The author notes the irony of Jews – ever the target of anti-Semitism – slurring each other with such stereotypes ● Full Story


Reading the book:
1. It is obvious that the people on the armature blog of did not read the book, thats for sure. They would not and could not describe the book in the manner that they did, had they actually read it.

A new book discusses the violence on part the Shomrim hooligans who assaulted Bochurim in the 749 dormitory, and then proceeded to “cry wolf” when they were taken to trial

This is NOT what the book discusses.

2. Chilul Hashem?:

The “Chilul Hashem” was  two years ago when the Meshichist Mossrim took this to the courts and tried (and failed) to prosecute 6 innocent Jews. The book mainly focuses on that Chilul Hashem.

How is writing about a “Chilul Hashem” that took place in public a Chilul Hashem? Unless of-course in the Meshichist ‘everything is allowed for meshichistim dictionary’, the definition of ‘chilul Hashem’ is “only something which is published”. For example: You can kill innocent people, just make sure it doesn’t get published anywhere, because that would be a chilul hashem. You can steal, just make sure you don’t get caught and the story gets published etc..etc.. The actual crime is nothing, only when its published does it become a chilul hashem.

(when the shomrim six case was happening, these idiots also scream chilul hashem, only once it was in the papers…this is why they must be defeated, not convinced).

3. Why the Meshichistim hate this book?

a – Meshichistim Mossrim tried to erase the Shomrim Six trial/Mesira from history, this book etches their mesira in to stone, forever.


c – It reminds them that the Shomrim won (or better yet, got to keep their freedom) and they lost!

d – Considering all the above. The Meshichistim Mossrim can not scream victim (“cry wolf”) anymore and we all know how they yearn to be the “victim”.

Note to Meshichist:

Any attention brought to a book, positive or negative, is ultimately good for the book. More people (from both sides), will buy the book. The publisher will always win.

Notice: 1BC purposely left the link to distorted version of what took place at 749. 1BCS has linked those lies many times, to prove a point. The point being is that the truth with ultimately out shine any propaganda. Remember, the case was lost for the Meshichistim after the seven meshichist mossrim testified to the exact things you published (all seven were found to be lairs. All seven turned out-from their own testimony in a court of law – to be the aggressors).

Bottom line:
Shomrim won and you lost, nothing you say will ever change that fact!


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