Web-Site Making Fun Of Meshichistim

Some young guys thought it would be a good idea to have a comedy web-site year round with satire and black humor disguised as news. The sites satire, black humor etc… is mainly aimed at the Meshichist Movement.  The site is called chabad.info

In one of their latest post the web-site with a little satire and sarcasm of-course,  takes aim at how the Meshichistim would try to cover up their recent acts of violence.

In recent days certain news sites have published a one-sided story of a Bochur who got beaten up supposedly for “organizing trips to the Ohel”… ● Two Israeli children were kidnapped by an Israeli Bochur and returned many hours later, after panic set in, and volunteers combed the neighborhood. Some Bochurim proceeded then to (wrongly) “teach him a lesson” ● Now you know the rest of the story… ●

Yosef Ben Matisyahu
14 Tishrei 5772 (12.10.2011)

Certain news websites have been recently running stories about a supposed beating of an unnamed Israeli Bochur by “Israeli hooligans” claiming that it was just because he was organizing trips to the Ohel…

Although we refrained from publishing the full details until now, but the lies and distortion have forced us to present you the full and unabridged story.

As part of Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim’s immense job in providing the guests with all their spiritual and physical needs, they also started a program called “Camp Moshiach” which is geared for children who come for Tishrei with the Rebbe. The camp provides children with activites and a structured learning environment so they can get as much as possible out of their stay.

One evening last week, the counselors realized that although they have been watching carefully, two children have managed to slip unnoticed and dissapeared. The frightened counselors asked the other children, checked the apartments and called relatives to see if they have any information, but they dissapeared without a trace.

The fright turned to panic, especially in light of the recent tragedy, when Leiby Kletzky HY”D was kidnapped and brutally murdered. The main office of Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim went into high alert dispatching volunteers to comb the neighborhood, but their efforts were in vain.

Many hours later when the counselors and parents already on the verge of despair the children returned; very tired and exhausted they proceeded to give a bizzare account of what transpired. Their story was beyond belief, they described that a Israeli Bochur convinced them to join him for a trip to the Ohel, where they were “educated” that their beliefs are wrong, and they should change their beliefs.

When this story became public knowledge, certain Bochurim proceeded to locate this Yuzevitz and upon encountering him a heated argument broke out, which quickly turned into a violent altercation. Thank G-d no bodily harm was inflicted upon any of them, and both sides came the next day to 770 and were seen in perfect shape with no bruises or any other sign of the altercation which took place.

The Crown Heights Beis Din promptly released a letter (signed by Rabbi Schwei and Rabbi Braun) condemning violent attacks from any side and not justifying the actions of the Bochurim, although they were done as a result of the panic which set in.

Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim has also asked to clarify that they do not approve of these actions undertaken by these Bochurim and they expect the peace to return.


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