Explosive exclusive: Aguch and Merkos Plans For 770…. A Museum (?)

The  Gaboim of Congregation Lubavitch – 770, received  an eviction notice. The notice was addressed to the Gaboim and to the corporation known as “Congregation Lubavitch”, and demanded they evacuate the premises withing 10 days. Otherwise they face yet another court case.

The notice was signed by Rabbi Avraham Shemtov and Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky who represent Agudas Chassidei Chabad and Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch respectively.

Artist Sketch of future Yichdus with the Rebbe

An inside man gives onebigcholent the scoop on whats going to become of 770 once Aguch/Merkoz evict the Meshichistim.

Aguch and Merkos immediately filed the location as a museum and applied to the city to allow the use of the cool culture cards,  enabling all to get in for free.. rumors are that they are doing it for revenue purposes as people coming there to pray 3 times a day will be charged, those making a nice income to help cover the legal costs and a settlement of the broken legged Bochur… the application was immediately accepted as Brooklyn Mayor Marty Markowitz said “It will add to our Brooklyn Museum Row, attracting many more visitors from around the world.”

Aguch plans to make 770 a  places were people can come and see what went on back in the days, when the Rebbe was alive.

Many signs quoting various talks from the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l will be hung.

Artist Sketch of future Shevil

They are going to make a Shevil (path way) at the times the Rebbe  would have came to pray. Aguch will employ actors to create this pathway while singing and waving flags, just like the days of old.

The actors will be identified by their yellow pins and special wording on their Kippa.

There are plans for mock Farbrengen (Chassidic gatherings) on Shabbos and some times during the week were the Rebbe used to pray. With the whole nine yards, saying l’chaim to  the chair all while singing various non-Jewish tunes that were transformed with Jewish content.

Aguch might be going the extra mile and will be giving out Dollars each Sundays, upstairs near the Rebbes room.

Artist sketch of future Sunday dollars

Anybody that does not like what they are doing will simply get beaten up.

A Cry out to all people who consider themselves Chassidim

If Aguch and Merkoz implement the above, it will be the biggest Chillul Lubavitch ever, how can we let them make a joke out of the Rebbe, WE MUST STOP THEM before it really gets bad!!!

Artist sketch of future Kosh Shel Brocha


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